Useful information

Visitors and Casual Members

We would love to have your friends and acquaintences come along and attend Society screenings but please be aware that we are a registered society and can not sell one-off tickets. People must become a member of the society to enjoy the films. Because of the transient nature of the Queenstown population we do offer a 3-film sampler for $25 which may well suit when you have guests that you want to encourage to come along.

Email messages

We have had some trouble with our email address. Below is a new one. If your messages have bounced back in the past please update your address book or use the link below. The problem was mainly for people who were sending mail from XTRA, as xtra was blacklisted by for apparently permitting spammers! The new address below should bypass this blockade (by using XTRA itself!).
We are aware of the intrusive nature of the advertising on the current site. This has increased markedly recently and we will endeavour to find a new location.