Carne tremula



Elena: Francesca Neri

David: Javier Bardem

Sancho: Jose Sancho

Clara: Angela Molina

Victor: Liberto Rabal

Isabelle: Penelope Cruz

Dona Centro: Pilar Bardem

Busdriver: Alejandro Angulo

Director/Screenplay: Pedro Almodóvar

Production co: CiBy 2000/El Deseo SA/ France 3

Producer: Augustin Almodóvar

Cinematography: Affonso Beato

Editor: Jose Salcedo

Sound: Bernardo Menz

Music: Alberto Iglesias 

101 mins

35mm/In Spanish with English subtitles




Madrid, 1970. In the empty streets of the city during a curfew, a young prostitute gives birth on a bus to a son, Victor. Twenty years later, Victor shows up to a date with Elena, the drug-addicted daughter of an Italian diplomat, but she barely remembers him. She threatens him with a gun. Two policemen, David and Sancho, arrive. David is shot and Victor is sent to jail. Two years later, Victor sees David, now a paraplegic and married to a now-sober Elena, playing basketball in the Barcelona Paralympies. Victor vows revenge.


After being released from jail, Victor sees Elena at her father's funeral and meets Clara, Sancho's wife, with whom he begins an affair. Victor gets a job at the children’s shelter Elena works at. When David tries to confront Victor, Victor reveals that it was really Sancho—wanting revenge because of David's affair with Clara—who shot him. Elena goes to bed with Victor. Meanwhile, Clara decides to leave Sancho for Victor and shoots him when he tries to prevent her from leaving. Elena confesses to her affair with Victor to David. He goes to tell Sancho of Clara's affair with Victor and a badly wounded Sancho goes to kill his rival. Instead, he finds Clara at Victor's and the two of them kill themselves. Some time later, Elena gives birth to Victor's son in a taxi. Victor tells his child how lucky he is to be born in a new Spain.