A Visit to Cajun Country with Marc and Ann Savoy



A film by: Les Blank, Maureen Gosling and Chris Simon
Director / Producer / Cinematography: Les Blank
Editor: Maureen Gosling
Sound / Associate Producer / Production Manager: Chris Simon
Assistant Camera: Susan Kell
Additional Sound: Chris Strachwitz
Translations: Ann Allen Savoy & Barry Jean Ancelet
Music: Dewey Balfa, Octa Clark & Hector Duhon, John Delafose, Michael Doucet, Wade Fruge, Dennis McGee & the Hackberry Ramblers, Tina Pilione & Saturday Morning Jam
Marc Savoy
Ann Allen Savoy
Octa Clark
Sara Savoy
Jo-el Savoy
Wilson Savoy
Gabrielle Savoy
28 minute
G Certificate
Marc and Ann is the kind of film that puts a smile on your face. Not because the couple are quaint; on the contrary, they are both well-spoken and extremely knowledgeable in their chosen field - but because they're rich. Rich in love, rich in family, rich in life, and in a general sense rich in spirit. In this day and age, these are highly admirable accomplishments.
- Video Librarian, 11/91
Subtitled 'A Visit to Cajun Country with Marc and Ann Savoy', this film is a portrait of a couple who will be familiar to anyone who has seen Blank's Cajun food movie Yum, Yum, Yum! or the music movie, J'ai été au Bal (a.k.a. I Went to the Dance.) Cajun culture throbs in the veins of these two. Marc makes (and plays) highly prized 'Arcadian' accordions. Ann plays the guitar and wrote Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People, the first written history of the musicians and songs of Louisiana French music. Both enjoy cooking Cajun food and display an infectious appetite for life itself.
- Bill Gosden, Wellington Film Festival 1992 Programme