Made in Britain

U.K. 1982-3 (78min) English
Dir Alan Clarke - starring Tim Roth, Terry Richards, Bill Stewart, Eric Richard, Geoffrey Hutchings, Sean Chapman, John Bleasdale, Noel Diacomo, Maurice Quick.

Made In Brittain, written by David Leland, is a portrait of one of Thatcher's most appalling children; an eloquent racist skinhead named Trevor.

This film is Clarke's most stunning display of video technique - dazzling black and white lighting, long shots through the mesh of a prisoner's cage. Clarke's approach to Trevor's story is unsettling, not because of the violence, which is mainly verbal or mental, but because of the swings from attachment to detachment, proximity to distance, kinetic energy to static debate. Kinetic energy is achieved by a camera that stalks Trevor closely, seemingly attached to his back like a limpet. The viewer is borne along helplessly as Trevor marches on his rounds, destroying a job centre, or smashing the windows of Asian homes.

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