Beloved Enemy

U.K. 1981 (75min) English
Dir Alan Clarke - starring Graham Crowden, Tony Doyle, Oscar Quitak, Sten Berkoff, George Pravda, Richard Bebb, Jerry Harte, Malcolm Ingrams.

Sir Peter, (Graham Crowden), head executive of the multi-national British corporation UKM, learns that the Soviet Union's chief scientists are in London to spend their government's money. He's keen to sell them a Ukraine-based tyre-production plant.

However, at the negotiating table it soon becomes apparent that the Soviets are more interested in the laser technology that UKM uses to vulcanize it's tyres, and Peter sees a new future for his company in the aerospace industry.

Although the technological aspects of the film were ridiculed at the time by critics, the laser technology was real, as in President Reagan's Star Wars programme.

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